Bush’s contempt for the UN

Independent, 25 September 2002:

One suspects that Férgal Keane is absolutely right in suggesting that President Bush will send troops into Iraq regardless of any resolution by the United Nations (Opinion, 21 September). After all Bush has already demonstrated his contempt for the UN by his refusal to ratify the Kyoto protocol on climate change, and by sabotaging the Earth Summit in Johannesburg. The UN is committed to the development of a sustainable energy strategy and to the control of atmospheric pollution. Predictably this brings into conflict with vested interests whose only preoccupation is the uncontrolled burning of fossil fuels, and these interests are closely aligned with those of George Bush.

Any rational person would support the UN view. Why then does our own Prime Minister support a President who demonstrates such contempt for world opinion and the welfare of future generations? If he believes that by sticking close he can influence the President, he should remember that these tactics failed miserably at the Earth Summit. They are likely to fail again in the Middle East.