A lesson for US voters

Independent, 23 February 2012:

The American Republican presidential hopeful Rick Santorum advocates parental home tuition for his seven children.(“Educate your children at home like me, Santorum tells America’s parents”, 20 February) One wonders what they will have learnt from their father.

First, anyone who advocates birth control (like Obama) is “not a proper Christian”. Second that he, Santorum should win the Republican nomination because he was “the first to see through the hoax of climate change”. And third: “The idea that the Crusades and the fight of Christendom against Islam is somehow an aggression on our part is absolutely anti-historical.”

Dr Robin Russell-Jones
Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire



Shale Gas future is a pipe dream

Sunday Times, 19 February 2012:

Your eulogy about the benefits of shale gas (“Gas find is enough to last 70 years”, News, last week) neglects to make clear that the problem with methane is not just that It can get into the water supply, but is a powerful greenhouse gas with about 7 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide when measured over a 20-year timeframe.

A study by Professor Tom Wigley, with whom I co-edited a book in 1989 on zone depletion, showed that unless the release of methane from shale gas can be kept below 2%, the switch to this resource would have a negative effect on climate change. The answer to Britain’s energy needs is a combination of conservation and renewables – not yet another fossil fuel.

Dr Robin Russell-Jones
Help Rescue the Planet,
Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire