Peer Reviewed Articles In Scientific Journals (Environmental Only)

  1. R Russell-Jones (1981) Lead Pollution. Science and Public Policy. June 1981:195-202
  2. R. Russell-Jones (1983).  The contribution of petrol lead to blood via air, dust and food.  Atmospheric Environment 17 : 2367-70.
  3. R. Russell-Jones and R. Stephens.  The contribution of lead in petrol to human lead intake.  In: “Lead versus Health: sources of effects of low lead exposure”.  Chapter 8, pp 141-177.  Editors. M. Rutter, R. Russell-Jones, John Wiley & Sons, 1983.
  4. R. Russell-Jones (1987). Ozone depletion and cancer risk. Lancet ii: 443-446.
  5. R. Russell-Jones (1987). Radiation standards. In: Radiation Protection 40: 191-214.  Commission of the European Communities.
  6. R. Russell-Jones.  The health effect of stratospheric ozone depletion.  In: “Ozone Depletion – Health and Environmental Consequences”. Editors: R. Russell-Jones, T. Wrigley.  John Wiley & Sons, Chichester, 1989.
  7. R. Russell-Jones (1989).  The continuing hazard of lead in drinking water. Lancet, ii: 669-670.
  8. R. Russell-Jones (1989).  A logical view of radiation protection.  Radiological protection Bulletin NRPB, Chilton, Oxon, 107:16-19.
  9. R. Russell-Jones (1991).  (Editorial) Ozone depletion quickens. Lancet i : 1132-3.
  10. R. Russell-Jones (1991).  (Editorial) Protecting man from UV exposure. Lancet i: 1258-9.
  11. R. Russell-Jones (1991).  Ozone Depletion: Historical review and prospects for the 21st century.  Proceedings of an International Conference on Skin and the Environment, Chapter1.Editor: R.Marks.Published Martin Dunitz.
  12. R. Russell-Jones (1992).  Ozone depletion and its effect on human populations.  Br J of Dermatol, 127, Suppl. 41 : 2-6.


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