Fracking: Letter by Councillor Audrey Doig 23.04.12

Letter to Guardian – 23.04.12 Councillor Audrey Doig

Where is the coherence in UK government energy policy? You have recently published three important energy policy articles that show the extensive confusion there is with the government’s energy policy. Late last week you reported that the proposed “green deal’ for the promised renewable energy and energy efficiency revolution is under threat of being shelved (Report, 16 April). Then you reported (17 April) that the proposed new nuclear build utility for Sellafield, GDF Suez, is threatening to pull out of the project unless the government effectively gives it more price guarantees (at taxpayers’ expense, I’ve no doubt). And finally you reported that the highly dubious and environmentally risky shale gas experiments will get the green light, despite, as you accurately report, scores of alarming issues like mini-earthquakes, water contamination and damaged natural landscapes. It doesn’t make me feel confident that there is a coherent energy policy in the UK? What is clear to me is that the only safe, sustainable, clean, job-friendly and environmentally sound energy policy must be the development of a wide UK renewable energy mix, enhanced commitment to energy efficiency and microgeneration projects, coupled with international co-operation to create a European renewable super-grid (Report, 11 April). I urge the government to hold a strategic energy review as a matter of urgency and bring environmental common sense into its policy, rather than short-term economic expediency.

Cllr Audrey Doig

Vice-chair of UK and Ireland Nuclear Free Local Authorities

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