Filthy process is a fresh attack on the earth’s resources

Financial Times27 April 2012:

Shale gas is not just a fossil fuel.  Unless fugitive emissions of methane, a powerful greenhouse gas, are kept below 2 per cent, then shale gas is less friendly from a climate change perspective than oil or even coal.  In addition, it is a filthy process utilising undeclared chemicals that in the US have posed health threats to animals and humans alike.

I have been involved in debates about industrial processes that pose risks to human health and the environment for 40 years, starting as medical and scientific advisor to Clear, the Campaign for Lead Free Air.  I understand only too well the risks that oil companies are prepared to inflict on the public in their pursuit of profit.  The fossil fuel industry is now gearing up to launch a fresh attack on the earth’s resources in the shape of fracking.  Of one thing I am absolutely certain.  It is never going to happen in the UK.

Robin Russell-Jones
Planetrary SOS
Stoke Poges, Bucks