Conference Summary – Day 3


Andrew Warren of the Association for the Conservation of Energy (ACE) spoke on Energy Conservation.

Chris Rapley, Professor of Climate Change at UCL, discussed Communicating Climate Science.

James Walker, Head of Innovation ECO at Kingfisher, presented Lagging on Lofts.

Professor Jonathan Ellis-Miller LLP (Winner of the RIBA Sustainability Award) asked Buildings – Can They Solve Climate Change?


Chris Swann, Film Director, spoke on Nanotechnology and using innovations inspired by nature.

Polymers are everywhere from computer chips, to milk to within our bodies.  His interest is biomimickry in which the goal is to find out – does nature have an equivalent or alternative? The mimicking of photosynthesis.  An example is that the natural method that geckos use to grip to surfaces can be used in “gecko tape” in place of glue.  Nanotechnology is an optimum goal and through this carbon-zero processes can be achieved.

Markus Kankaanpaa, CEO of Cuycha Innovation Oy, attended from Finland to present on Carbon Capture.   

He spoke of this family-owned company that has recognised that ocean temperatures are increasing since the 1950’s as is the global surface.  His company has devised a system through which to use a simple chemical equation to deal with carbon emissions.  Most importantly, the water inputted can be sourced from almost anywhere. The carbon emissions can be reformed into byproducts to be used in the building industry at a cheaper price than currently available.  The other byproducts will easily have their uses.  The potential is enormous, especially for use beside existing power stations who need to capture their waste.

It is Carbon Capture Neutralisation

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