Microgeneration must be part of the mix

The Guardian, 8 June 2012:

Generating electrical power and heat locally from renewable sources is a no-brainer for the farming community, but microgeneration schemes could also be exploited by hundreds of communities (Report, 5 June). The problem is that government policy is wedded to the six big energy companies, which see the consumer as the lucrative end-point of a massive distribution system, with power stations miles from the point of delivery. Not only is this macro-model highly prone to blackouts, it is massively inefficient: as much as two-thirds of the energy generated is lost even before it leaves the power station. Of course, the big six don’t mind, as they are only concerned about maximising profits. Meanwhile, the government seems determined to compound the problem by investing in nuclear, whereas the obvious solution is to invest that same money in energy conservation. Unfortunately, the previous Labour administration put that programme in the hands of the energy companies, so that of the 6m or so houses in the UK that would benefit from cavity wall insulation, only about 17,500 have actually been insulated.

Dr Robin Russell-Jones
Chair, Planetary SOS