Churches’ mission to save the planet

Independent, 8 May 2015:

It appears that religious leaders have suddenly woken up to the dangers  posed by climate change to God’s creation (A third of Catholics will go green if Pope does May 4) Pope Francis worries that  climate change will affect the poorest countries, but he seems oblivious to the much stronger  link between climate change and overpopulation, an issue where the Catholic Church could make a difference.

Meanwhile the Church of England announces its intention of disinvesting in fossil fuels, which sounds laudable until you realise that they are only proposing to sell £12 million worth of investments in tar sands and other methods of extraction with a large carbon footprint. Extraction is not the main issue. It is the burning of more than 10 billion tonnes of carbon annually that is the problem. They need to get out of that.

Dr Robin Russell-Jones
Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire