Why did the BBC sack the Met Office?

Independent, 25 August 2015:

I have no doubt that right-wing Tories are determined to undermine any institution that expresses concern about climate change, and ultimately to repeal the UK’s Climate Change Act.

The Met Office is one of the three organisations that provides data on global temperatures, and its Hadley Centre is a world-renowned institution that provides  forecasts about global warming. It is therefore entirely predictable  that a Daily Mail columnist would seek to propagate criticism of the Met Office, but the truly worrying aspect is that the programme was broadcast on Radio 4,  three weeks before the BBC discontinued its contract with the Met Office, an arrangement that has been in place since 1922 (Storm over BBC decision to end contract with Met Office  August 24).

It is very difficult to know whether the BBC is undermining the importance of climate change because of political pressure, or whether its editors are scientifically illiterate, but coverage of climate change on BBC News is lamentable.

Between 2007 and 2013, a period when the scientific approach to climate change became a world-wide consensus, coverage of environmental issues on BBC News fell from 1.6% to an almost unrecordable 0.3%.

This cannot be defended on the grounds of balance, but it does explain why the current Government has adopted environmental policies which are a betrayal of future generations.

Dr Robin Russell-Jones
Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire