Cameron’s double standards over climate change deal

Sunday Times, 20 Dec 15:

Your editorial last week, (A climate deal must work in our interests this time) appears contradictory.

The UK’s Climate Change Act of 2008 had all party support and was one of the most far-sighted pieces of legislation. In calling for an 80 per cent reduction in emissions of CO2 by 2050, it pre-dated the Paris Accord by seven years and encouraged green investors that the UK  was the best place to do business.

Since the election earlier this year all that has been put at risk. David Cameron’s Government  has cancelled the Green Deal, is stopping on-shore wind farm subsidies; has slashed subsidies for solar, and  has abandoned carbon capture and storage. It is also subsidising the development of yet another fossil fuel, shale gas, and bypassing local  authorities over fracking applications.

After the deal in Paris the prime minister stated: “We have secured our planet for many, many generations to come- and there is nothing more important than that”.  It is time for the real Cameron to stand up.

Dr Robin Russell-Jones
Stoke Poges,Buckinghamshire