Last stand of the climate deniers

Independent, 29 Dec 15:

There is an almost total media black-out as to the cause of the recent floods (Like my family on Boxing Day, the Government is cut off from reality over flooding Dec 28) This is because right wing newspapers  have been in  denial about global warming over the past decade which makes it virtually impossible for them to change position without losing the last vestiges of their credibility.

Then of course there is the BBC, struggling to find a middle way between the scientists and the sceptics. On the one hand you have an outstanding 3-part documentary on  Radio 4 by the BBC’s Environment Correspondent Roger Harrabin, but none of this is followed through by  editors on BBC News. Why are there no interviews with Government Ministers challenging their destructive policies towards the renewables industry?  Why has the Prime Minister not been asked how he can reconcile the UK’s dash for gas with our climate change commitments.

Dr Robin Russell-Jones
Stoke Poges,Buckinghamshire