The duplicitous nature of the Government’s energy policy

Independent on Sunday, 30 January 2016 (text in bold not published):

Geoffrey Lean has laid bare the duplicitous nature of the Government’s energy policy in trashing renewables to achieve minimal savings for consumers, whilst saddling the UK with  massive subsidies to keep nuclear afloat (Consumers are dying for lower bills, Jan 17; “Panic” over nuclear cost, Jan 24) However the Big Six have done more than just connive in this deception. They have also played a major role in preventing progress towards a low carbon future.

 Thus they have provided up to 50 experts in Whitehall who work on energy related matters whereas the renewables sector has no representatives in Government. Greg Barker, the Minister of State at DECC who was responsible for implementing the Green Deal has accused the Big Six of sabotaging the programme. Talking on Radio 4 (You and Yours March 2 2015) he stated that the energy companies had appeared keen to become involved in energy conservation, but that they had done  nothing to implement the programme apart from fulfilling their statutory obligation in fuel-poor households. 

The only reason that HMG had reached its targets was because of input from smaller eco-friendly firms. In addition he accused British Gas of reporting misleading surveys which concluded that the public were not interested in energy conservation , whereas smaller firms had achieved 95% uptake on some schemes. 

Of course DECC are not blameless. It was extremely naive for the Coalition to have devolved responsibility for the Green Deal to companies whose main purpose is to sell as much energy as possible.

Dr Robin Russell-Jones
Stoke Poges,Buckinghamshire