The climate change deniers club

Independent, 20 February 2016:

Your exposure of the nefarious activities of various right-wing think-tanks is timely (“Where Eurosceptics and climate change sceptics rub shoulders”, 11 February) As Bob Ward rightly says, “This small cabal is undermining the democratic process which should be based on robust and open debate”.

I have first-hand experience of this. Four years ago I organised an international conference on climate change in central London and invited Nigel Lawson to speak. He accepted “in principle”, but when I sent him the programme containing many knowledgable experts in the field of climate science, he immediately withdrew on the grounds that the other speakers on the programme were not “sufficiently eminent”.

Was what he actually meant that his absurd views on global warming would not stand scrutiny for a single minute in a room of people who actually understand the science?

Dr Robin Russell-Jones
Stoke Poges, Buckinghamshire