Turning tide on nuclear option

sunday times

Sunday Times, 21 August 2016:

Michael Sheridan understands a lot more about Chinese intent than George Osborne or the hapless Boris Johnson (“Hinkley Point could split us from America.  That’s what China wants”, Comment, last week).  The exorbitant cost of Hinkley Point C would be better directed towards tidal power, which is completely predictable, free at the point of use, lasts for ever and is not subject to terrorist attack or Chinese interference.  Every independent observer advocates conservation and renewables, but the latter will soon reach capacity in the UK and we are then faced with the problem of intermittency.

The solution is a pan-European high voltage DC super-grid so that Spanish sunshine can power the cooking of Scottish porridge on a windless day, and Scottish wind can power the cooking of Spanish paella on a cloudy day.  The money saved from scrapping HS2, for example, could also be put to better use by forging links with our continental partners and ensuring we remain part of the European project.

Dr Robin Russell-Jones
Help Rescue The Planet

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