Dr Robin Russell-Jones on BBC World News Impact

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Impact 28 August 2018 interview with Dr Robin Russell-Jones on a Chinese study showing that air pollution causes a ‘huge’ reduction in intelligence:



Newspapers and climate change

As a result of the consistently partisan articles denying climate change in The Times newspaper, Dr Russell Jones complained to the Press Complaints Commission.  (The PCC regulates newspapers in the UK.

RRJ to Times 2 Nov 11

RRJ to PCC 11 Nov 11

PCC to RRJ 29 Nov 11

RRJ to PCC 21 dec 11 and RRJ to PCC 21 dec 11 – items1-7

PCC to RRJ 17 jan 12

RRJ to PCC 30 jan 12 and RRJ to PCC 30 jan 12 – items 8-17

PCC to RRJ 3 feb 12

RRJ to PCC 4 Jun 12 and RRJ to PCC 4 Jun 12 – items 1-6