Letters and articles (archive)

Lead Pollution (Times, 31 Mar 1980)
A problem which won’t go away (Times, 28 May 1980)
Threat from Lead in Petrol (Times, 21 Nov 1980)
Lead pollution: Why the government must act now (World Medicine, 7 Feb 1981)
DHSS silence (Doctor Magazine, 26 Mar 1981)
Lead Pollution: Why the silence? (World Medicine, 4 Apr 1981)
Still pumping poison into our children (Guardian, 1 Oct 1981)
Lead hazard: New study contradicts government thinking (World Medicine, 17 Oct 1981)
Birmingham lead fears (Guardian, 5 Jan 1982)
Changing views on lead in petrol (Times, 12 Feb 1982)
Blood lead and intelligence: The proof is there to see (World medicine, 20 Feb 1982)
The government must act now over lead (World Medicine, 20 Feb 1982)
Missing_title_1 (Daily Post, 22 Mar 1982)
The argument about lead-free air (Financial Times, 23 Mar 1982)
How to poison the world without even trying (Guardian, 25 Mar 1982)
Missing_title_2 (World Medicine, 3 Apr 1982)
Study confirms link of petrol with lead levels (Daily Post, 7 Apr 1982)
Paint work (Guardian, 13 May 1982)
A stronger SMELL (World medicine, 15 May 1982)
Lead in children (New Scientist, 20 May 1982)
It’s all crystal CLEAR (World medicine, 12 Jun 1982)
The 17,600 mile road test that traps claims for lead filters (Guardian, 11 Oct 1982)
Clearing the air (Times Educational Supplement, 18 Feb 1983)
Figuring out the level of damage (Guardian, 3 Mar 1983)
Clearing the mind (Times Educational Supplement, 18 Mar 1983)
How government-sponsored surveys have polluted the lead-and-intelligence issue (Guardian, 14 Apr 1983)
How much lead? (New Scientist, 22 Sep 1983)
A clear case of a faulty ministerial memory (Guardian, 30 May 1984)
Why radioactive doubts remain (Guardian, 7 Dec 1984)
Sellafield – leaky as a sieve (Times, 26 Feb 1986)
Nuclear perils in Britain (Daily Telegraph, 6 May 1986)
How the Shadow Environment minister should resolve his nuclear dilemma (Guardian, 8 May 1986)
Learning lessons of Chernobyl (Economist, 9 May 1986)
Too hot to handle properly (Guardian, 18 Jul 1986)
An Achilles heel in Labour’s nuclear stance (Guardian, 1 Oct 1986)
Leukemia clusters that lower nuclear industry’s credibility (Guardian, 30 Oct 1986)
Clouds that hang over leukemia clusters (Guardian, 3 Dec 1986)
Leukemia cluster that’s cold comfort for Sellafield (Guardian, 20 Nov 1987)
A check on the ozone level (Guardian, 5 May 1988)
Skin cancer (Times, 22 Aug 1988)
Leukemia and nuclear reprocessing (Independent, 21 Dec 1988)
Nuclear reactions (Daily Telegraph, 21 Dec 1988)
Child leukemia (Independent, 21 Jan 1989)
Misleading estimates on radiation cancer risks (Guardian, 10 Feb 1989)
Nuclear risk (Independent, 15 Feb 1989)
Lagging on unleaded (Times, 25 Feb 1989)
Missing_title_3 (Times, 27 Feb 1989)
The well-forged nuclear link with leukemia (Guardian, 11 Mar 1989)
Green Pressure (Independent, 13 Jul 1989)
Green common sense (Independent, 7 Aug 1989)
Call for swifter action on CFC’s (Times, 26 Jun 1990)
Missing_title_4 (Independent, 31 Oct 1990)
Spelling out the dangers of ozone (Telegraph, 4 Jun 1991)
Hospitals forced into dilemma (Independent, 9 Feb 1993)
Britain’s environmental isolation (Guardian, 26 Apr 1993)
UK knew of problems with CFC substitutes (Independent, 28 Apr 1993)
League tables don’t serve NHS (Independent, 1 Jul 1994)
Global warming a fact despite imprecision (Financial Times, 5 Apr 1995)
Too Hot To Handle (Guardian, 5 Apr 1995)
Global Warming (Times, 7 Apr 1995)
Energy Priorities (Independent, 10 Apr 1995)
Nature and Mammon as wardens of the ocean floor (Times, 28 Jun 1995)
French ignore radiation warnings (Independent, 16 Jul 1995)
No threshold (New Scientist, 6 Jan 1996)
Failure to tackle global warming (Times, 27 Jan 1996)
Shock for those in power (Guardian, 8 Feb 1996)
Coastline under attack (Independent, 22 Feb 1996)
Could Blair deliver his Target for CO2? (Parliamentary Brief, 1 Mar 1996)
Beef: `meat products’ may be infected, but only a few people will ever get CJD (Independent, 27 Mar 1996)
West must put “own house in order” (Times, 1 Jul 1997)
Vested interests distract from issues of climate change (Times, 15 Dec 1997)
Science and Industry (Times, 22 May 1998)
Transport Policy (Times, 16 Sep 1998)
Evidence on BSE (Times, 12 Oct 1998)
Costs and benefits of high fuel prices (Times, 11 Sep 2000)
Can Blair keep “Green” promises? (Times, 30 Oct 2000)
Political fudge on global warming (Times, 28 Nov 2000)
Ozone layer in peril (Independent, 7 Dec 2000)
Global Warming (Times, 26 Jan 2001)
Cool Heads on Global Warming (Times, 20 Mar 2001)
Clash over climate (Independent, 16 Jun 2001)
Opposing views on Kyoto Treaty (Times, 16 Jun 2001)
A brilliant day for diplomacy (Independent, 25 Jul 2001)
Climate change is a step backwards (Times, 27 Jul 2001)
Change of climate for ITV News (Guardian, 2 Aug 2001)
Environmental degredation is a universal problem (Times, 4 Sep 2002)
Bush’s contempt for the UN (Independent, 25 Sep 2002)
Countdown to the Congestion Charge (Times, 14 Jan 2003)
Mayor takes on the whingeing drivers (Independent, 18 Jan 2003)
Dangers of germ warfare on the UK (Times, 14 Feb 2003)
Earth Science (Independent, 15 Feb 2003)
Sars/Aids comparisons (Times, 9 May 2003)
A wasting disease at the heart of the NHS (Times, 16 Jun 2003)
Greenhouse Gases and Climate Change (Times, 18 Aug 2003)
Climate Change (Times, 16 Oct 2003)
US rejection of Kyoto Protocol: a journey too far to persuade the President (Times, 13 Dec 2004)
Bush’s refusal to sign the Kyoto Protocol (Independent, 3 Jan 2005)
The myth about AIDS (Independent on Sunday, 16 Jan 2005)
The CO2 menace (Independent on Sunday, 6 Feb 2005)
Global Warming debate merits cool, calm consideration (Times, 10 Feb 2005)
Wrong Man (Independent on Sunday, 3 Apr 2005)
Exxon Challenge (Independent, 6 Apr 2005)
Global Warming (Times, 7 Apr 2005)
US record on CO2 emmissions (Times, 17 Jun 2005)
Catastrophe (At Chernobyl) (Economist, 17 May 2006)
Three organisations provide temperature data (Independent, 9 Dec 2009)
Climate sceptics (Independent, 1 Mar 2011)
Lessons of Japan nuclear accident (Independent, 22 Mar 2011)
Weighing up the cost of nuclear power (Guardian, 29 Mar 2011)
Ozone depleted by climate change (Independent, 10 Apr 2011)
Global warming is no joke (Independent, 4 Nov 2011)
Transparency needed on donors to climate sceptic lobby (Guardian, 27 Jan 2012)
Shale Gas future is a pipe dream (Sunday Times, 19 Feb 2012)
A lesson for US voters (Independent, 23 Feb 2012)
Fracking: Only a ban will do (Independent, 18 Apr 2012)
Champions of Fracking must answer some hard questions (Times, 20 Apr 2012)
Christopher Booker is no scientist (Sunday Telegraph, 24 Apr 2012)
Shale Gas could fracture our renewables policy (Guardian, 24 Apr 2012)
Filthy process is a fresh attack on the earth’s resources (Financial Times, 27 Apr 2012)
Penalise high use of energy resources (Times, 4 May 2012)
Wind farms preferable to fracking (Independent, 14 May 2012)
Carbon Revolution (Guardian, 17 May 2012)
Heathrow, a third runway and British Business (Times, 18 May 2012)
How wind farms will overcome the disinformation (Independent, 5 Jun 2012)
Microgeneration must be part of the mix (Guardian, 8 Jun 2012)
The government must not renege on its green pledges (Observer, 10 Jun 2012)
Energy policy and its implications (Times, 23 Jul 2012)
On the brink of climate crisis (Independent, 31 Aug 2012)
Shale gas is no more climate friendly than is coal (Independent, 25 Nov 2012)
Renewables are our future (Independent, 20 Dec 2012)
Who now will fight for planet earth? (Independent, 1 Apr 2013)
Admit it: this could be global warming (Independent, 22 May 2013)
Trying to stay cool (Times, 18 Jul 2013)
Shale Gas versus Coal (Times, 23 Jul 2013)
The pursuit of shale gas is another example of the Coalition’s betrayal of the environment (Independent, 23 Jul 2013)
Fracking debate: what does the battle for lead-free air teach us? (Guardian, 19 Aug 2013)
Climate change (Times, 19 Sep 2013)
Climate change sceptics versus evidence (Times, 23 Sep 2013)
BBC “balances” the facts on climate (Independent, 17 Oct 2013)
Lost opportunities for renewable energy (Independent, 28 Nov 2013)
Fracking: do sweeteners cover the real costs? (Times, 16 Jan 2014)
Fracking crosses climate threshold (Independent, 21 Jan 2014)
Carbon capture, fracking and green-tinged Tories (Guardian, 5 Feb 2014)
Lead in Petrol : It was a crime (Independent, 6 Feb 2014)
Psycho lead (Times, 20 Feb 2014)
Opposition to fracking is based on science (Independent, 25 Mar 2014)
BBC ‘balance’ on climate change (Independent, 10 Apr 2014)
‘Green’ gas is just a distraction (Independent, 18 Apr 2014)
Fracking’s opponents are being demonised (Independent, 9 May 2014)
Planet doomed? Tell us about the poll in Pakistan (Independent, 14 May 2014)
Global Warming Policy Foundation (Independent on Sunday, 18 May 2014)
Sorry, shale gas isn’t green (Independent, 21 May 2014)
Facing both directions simultaneously (Independent on Sunday, 6 Jul 2014)
Infective disease reproduction rates (Guardian, 20 Oct 2014)
Fracking tactics (Times, 24 Oct 2014)
Climate change (Independent on Sunday, 2 Nov 2014)
Fracking does not solve our problems (Independent, 14 Nov 2014)
Why are the climate-change deniers so scared? (Independent, 18 Nov 2014)
Climate change (Independent on Sunday, 23 Nov 2014)
Fracking as an unproven technology (Independent on Sunday, 7 Dec 2014)
The world is reneging on the promises made 22 years ago (Independent, 21 Dec 2014)
Decades of inaction on global warming (Guardian, 22 Dec 2014)
Yes, we’ll fix the climate, but not just now (Independent, 3 Jan 2015)
Crime down (Times, 5 Jan 2015)
On climate change and being a “lukewarmer” (Times, 21 Jan 2015)
How to win the argument over fracking (Times, 29 Jan 2015)
Bleak prospect for the climate (Independent, 4 Feb 2015)
When hospitals were run by doctors and nurses (Independent, 5 Mar 2015)
Climate change: UN backs fossil fuel divestment campaign (Guardian, 17 Mar 2015)
Politicians curb grip of media moguls (Guardian, 9 Apr 2015)
World Bank must do more on fossil fuels (Guardian, 15 Apr 2015)
Air pollution (Independent on Sunday, 19 Apr 2015)
Australia’s rogue leader (Observer, 19 Apr 2015)
The Lib Dems had their chance to make a difference and it may not come again (Independent on Sunday, 3 May 2015)
Churches’ mission to save the planet (Independent, 8 May 2015)
Climate pacts need tougher enforcement (Financial Times, 15 May 2015)
Renewables, yes, but we need carbon pricing too (Independent, 3 Jun 2015)
Diesel dangers spotted decades ago (Sunday Times, 7 Jun 2015)
Beautiful nuclear power stations still not green (Independent, 8 Jun 2015)
G7 propsal welcome but time is of the essence (Financial Times, 12 Jun 2015)
Exegesis of Pope Francis’s encyclical call for action on climate change (Guardian, 22 Jun 2015)
Tory position on climate change is completely contradictory (Independent on Sunday, 28 Jun 2015)
Better education of GPs (Independent, 19 Jul 2015)
No proper monitoring of methane emissions (Financial Times, 21 Jul 2015)
Fracking subsidies would be better spent elsewhere (Guardian, 23 Jul 2015)
Climate change and the case for funding energy-efficiency schemes (Guardian, 28 Jul 2015)
Fewer people does not mean more CO2 emissions (Guardian, 4 Aug 2015)
Coal is dangerous, but shale gas is no answer (Independent, 11 Aug 2015)
Why did the BBC sack the Met Office? (Independent, 25 Aug 2015)
Trade agreement could bar action to save climate (Independent, 1 Sep 2015)
Free market does whatever it can get away with (Independent, 25 Sep 2015)
Motor industry fiercely opposed lead-free petrol (Financial Times, 28 Sep 2015)
Car makers exploited EU desire to curb climate change and pollution (Sunday Times, 4 Oct 2015)
China’s appalling record on health and safety (Independent on Sunday, 4 Oct 2015)
Governments woo the motor industry with dire results (Observer, 4 Oct 2015)
Professor Rockstrom is cautiously optimistic, but the reality is rather different (Independent, 18 Oct 2015)
Two myths the fossil fuel industry likes to propagate (Financial Times, 25 Oct 2015)
BBC spinning the latest news on climate change (Independent, 10 Nov 2015)
Tackling climate change should be the UK’s top energy priority (Guardian, 19 Nov 2015)
What if the City of London is flooded? (Independent, 20 Nov 2015)
Clean energy technology that could be made even more sustainable (Financial Times, 22 Nov 2015)
Examples of societies collapsing through force of habit (Guardian, 25 Nov 2015)
France bans marches and protest meetings at the upcoming UN summit on climate change (Independent, 29 Nov 2015)
Floods show depth of climate change denial (Independent, 8 Dec 2015)
To destroy human civilisation we just need to continue with business as usual (Guardian, 10 Dec 2015)
Climate think tank tactics no surprise (Independent, 12 Dec 2015)
Business as usual for China now COP 21 is over? (Financial Times, 15 Dec 2015)
Climate change and the continual demand for economic growth (Guardian, 15 Dec 2015)
Cameron’s double standards over climate change deal (Sunday Times, 20 Dec 2015)
Could he be called George Osborne by any chance? (Independent on Sunday, 20 Dec 2015)
Last stand of the climate deniers (Independent, 29 Dec 2015)
Oxford donations that still court controversy (Guardian, 31 Dec 2015)
Over-generous to Richard Branson (Independent on Sunday, 10 Jan 2016)
The planet will lose every time that business calls the shots (Observer, 10 Jan 2016)
Better to cut CO2 than complain about Paris deal (Independent, 12 Jan 2016)
Climate Solutions that would work (Independent, 20 Jan 2016)
US is taking the lead again—this time in pursuit of VW (Financial Times, 21 Jan 2016)
Stop Making diesel cars and pedestrianise town centres (Observer, 24 Jan 2016)
Osborne and his pledge on malaria (Times, 26 Jan 2016)
The duplicitous nature of the Government’s energy policy (Independent on Sunday, 31 Jan 2016)
The climate change deniers club (Independent, 12 Feb 2016)
Drive to cut pollution (Sunday Times, 14 Feb 2016)
Boris “has failed to tackle air pollution” (Times, 26 Feb 2016)
Gagging scientists isn’t new (Observer, 28 Feb 2016)
Lead shot (Independent on Sunday, 28 Feb 2016)