Posts held

Positions Held

Membership of Expert Committees

1.     Medical and Scientific Advisor to CLEAR, the Campaign for Lead-Free Air, 1981-83.

2.     Chairman, CLEAR. The Campaign for Lead-Free Air. 1984-1988.

3.     Chairman, Friends of the Earth. Pollution Advisory Committee. 1984-1989.

4.     HMG Working Party on Unleaded Petrol. 1986-1989.

5.     National Radiological Protection Board: Environmental Issues Panel. 1987-1990.

Expert Testimony, Select Committees and Conference Proceedings

CLEAR – Submission to the ALL Party Motor Industry Group, March 1982.

CLEAR – Submission of oral and written evidence to the Royal commission on Environmental Pollution. – Ninth Report on Lead in the Environment, 1983.

CLEAR – Written and oral evidence to Subcommittee G (Environment) of the House of Lords Select Committee on the European Communities on the Draft EEC Council directives on the lead content of petrol and air pollution by motor vehicles. (COM (84) 226), 1983.

Response by CLEAR to the Government Consultative Document (1985) “Introduction of unleaded petrol: Implementation of EEC directive 85/210/EEC.”

Can we rely on the nuclear watchdog? First National Conference on the health effects of low level radiation. Gloucester 1985; 12-17. (A)

Vehicle Emissions. Published in International Environmental and Safety Conference Papers, Imperial College, London, 1986. (A)

Written Evidence to Dounreay Public Inquiry into planning application for a European Demonstration – Fast Reactor Fuel Reprocessing plant at Dounreay, Caithness, 1986. Transcript of Proceedings 78/80. Oct. 20-21, 1986.

ICRP – Time for a reappraisal –Submission to the International Commission on Radiological Protection, 1987.

Leukemia clusters in the UK – Submission by Friends of the Earth (UK) to the International Commission on Radiological Protection, 1987.

The health effects of vehicle emissions. Proceedings of an International Conference on “Vehicle emissions and their impact on European air quality”. Institute of Mechanical Engineers, 1987. (A)

ICRP Standards How well do the protect the public and workers? Report of the 4th National Standing Conference on low-level radiation and health. Stirling District Council, 1988; 32-37. (A)

House of Commons Select Committee on the Environment, 1988. Enquiry on Air Pollution.

Subject: Unleaded Petrol.

Author: R. Russell-Jones. On behalf of Friends of the Earth (FOE). Vol. 2, Appendix 26, pp.434-438.

Subject: Vehicle Emissions

Author: R. Russell-Jones. On behalf of FOE. Volume 2, Appendix 27, pp.439-446.

Expert Report. Court case between Christopher Merlin (Plaintiff) and British Nuclear Fuels, Ltd.

Queens Bench Division, (No. 1985 in 3303), 1989.

Guest Speaker At National/ International Conferences

Subject: Lead Pollution

EC Conference on Lead Petrol, Brussels, 1983.

Annual Conference of the U.K. Environmental Health Officer, London, 1983.

Subject: Ionising Radiation

EC Standing Conference on Health and Safety in the Nuclear Age. Luxembourg, 1987.

Advanced Radiological Protection Course (NRPB, 1987- 89)

First National Conference on the health effects of low level radiation (1985) and the Fourth National Conference (1988).

NRPB Chilton Seminar, 1989.

Subject: Health Effects of Vehicle Pollution

International Conference on Vehicle Emission and their impact on European air quality. London, 1987.

Subject: Ozone Depletion

International Conference on Ozone Depletion, London, 1988.

Annual Course in Occupational Health. London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine, 1988-1990.